LED照明控制器 XC9401设计指南(9/9)

9. Usage Cautions

  1. For the phenomenon of temporal and transitional voltage decrease or voltage increase, the IC may be damaged or deteriorated if IC is used beyond the absolute MAX. specifications.
  2. Spike voltages and ripple voltage occur in switching controllers such as the XC9401 series and in peripheral circuits controlled by a switching controller. This is highly dependent on the peripheral components (coil inductance values, capacitors, and peripheral component board layout). Test sufficiently in the actual equipment when designing.
  3. A delay time of about 140μs after the UVLO release voltage and after the EN/DIM “H” voltage has been established in this IC. Take this into consideration in sequence design.
  4. The NF pin of the XC9401B605MR-G is not N.C. Although it does not operate in the circuit, it is connected to the internal circuit and thus must be connected to GND when used.
  5. Make sure to use this IC within specified electric characteristics.
  6. Please pay attention not to exceed absolute maximum ratings of this IC and external components.
  7. To minimize VDD fluctuations, connect a bypass capacitor (CVDD) between VDD and GND along the shortest path. If there is too much distance between the IC and CVDD, operation may become unstable.
  8. Mount peripheral components as close as possible to the IC. Use thick and short wiring to lower the wiring impedance of the peripheral components.
  9. Use sufficiently reinforced wiring between VDD and GND. Noise from VDD and GND during switching may cause IC operation to become unstable.
  10. When selecting actual components, take into consideration factors such as deviations in external component characteristics, deterioration over time, and temperature characteristics. In particular, the temperature of external components will rise due to heat generated by the LED. Take these factors into consideration when selecting external components, and design for heat dissipation.
  11. Select external components and design test boards so that applicable regulations and standards are satisfied.
  12. Torex places an importance on improving our products and their reliability.
    We request that users incorporate fail-safe designs and post-aging protection treatment when using Torex products in their systems.